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Recently established in 2018 and individually owned, Elysian Painters was created in the name of the Owner's daughter, Elysia, to pursue something her and her family could be proud of as well as give an opportunity for residential homeowners to feel that their home is as unique and has as much personality as they do themselves. Owner, Kyome Stokes, has a passion for creating art and transforming ordinary objects into something new and exciting. With various service options and affordable pricing, Elysian Painters will give you the opportunity to personalize the place you so lovingly call home.

Flexibility, affordability, and creativity are some of the major factors that are considered to be coveted by the Owner. Services are offered for interior residential painting, custom projects (e.g. murals, commission artwork), as well as personalizing/painting furniture and other interior or exterior accessories (e.g. chairs, decks, fireplaces).

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